5 Senses in 5 Days

| July 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

441 This week we’re exploring our senses and expanding our vocabularies with small science projects.  We’ve observed the reaction of food coloring and baking soda, played with the changing consistency of “ooze” in the increasing heat of our hands, matched  and described the textures of fabric samples and learned all the parts of the tongue before doing salt, sweet, bitter and sour taste tests.  We matched scratch and sniff squares with pictures and learned about primary and secondary color mixing.  Tomorrow we’ll play games with sound and music, and of course, Miss Sharon made her weekly visit to share songs and instruments. We’re still enjoying good weather, especially in the mornings, and our new works. The tanagram and construction works are popular and of course, our new puzzles.  Many of our students are choosing to work with the binomial and trinomial cubes and some of them are even mastering them.

Don’t forget dress up day! (Miss Maria will be mint.) And to check and clean out cubbies each Friday!

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