50 Days of School

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IMG_1735We’ve been in school 50 days!   Every day in circle time, we work with our number chart, which has a hundreds pocket, a tens pocket and a ones pocket.  The first day of school we put one red stick in the ones pocket. On the tenth day of school we took ten red sticks out of the ones pocket and wrapped them with a rubber band and created a tens bundle, which went into the tens pocket. We then worked our way to twenty adding sticks to the ones pocket and then creating another tens bundle.  It’s been exciting watching the children, almost one by one, figure out how this works.  Most of them can now explain how a two digit number is made.

On our 50th Day we had a 50 day party. We played freeze dance and other movement and listening games.  Our daily question was “If you could have 50 of any one thing what would it be?”    The next day we asked “What would you not want 50 of?”  For our final 50 day activity, we worked on a counting and coloring activity with shapes.  We introduced the first of our three dimensional shapes this week as well as unveiling the math works shelves and introducing the first of the math works.

During art time, we’ve been working with watercolors. Our students are doing an awesome job of keeping their palettes clean and functional as well as making colorful detailed landscapes. We also worked with wax crayon resist.   Miss Brittany continues to read folk tales and we’ve finished reading Prince Caspian.


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