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IMG_2100As of today, we have 75 acts of kindness, three quarters of the way to our goal!  Every morning  we count our ten bundles on our number chart  by tens and with our hearts grouped in fives, we’re now learning to count by fives, too.  We’ll reach 100 hearts and acts of kindness next week and 100 days on our number chart.  For our students, that means two parties in one week; math is exciting !

We’re working on thank you letters for community helpers.  Our older students are  using their burgeoning writing skills.   All our students are doing more letter recognition and letter writing work, building on the prewriting skills we’ve worked on all year.  Of course, we’re still doing prewriting as well. Part of that work is pin punching continents, so we’re developing fine motor skills and learning geography at the same time.

We made all kinds of creations with biodegradable packing peanuts this week. Please save them if you have any.  We’re also making dragons from paper towel rolls .  Our bottle tops are being turned into stamps and saved for a mural.  We’d also like magazines for collaging, so we can work on our scissor skills  Thanks for all your donations.


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