A through E and Sometimes Leaves

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eggs correct   Autumn has been speeding by in Children’s House Two.

Our daily Montessori work cycles and outdoor social time bracket  a short interval of instruction Monday through Wednesdays. Using  differentiated learning plans, we work on reading, writing and math as part of our new kindergarten readiness curriculum.

On Thursdays we integrate our alphabet oriented curriculum into a science lesson that includes either art or an experiment.  So far we’ve studied atmosphere, bouncing (a lesson in density), clouds, digestion and eggs along with a week long Autumn lesson in leaves and trees. We introduced all our Montesori leaf works and played a mathematics set game as a group.  We’ll revisit these botany lessons again in the Spring when the leaves return. Books we’ve read include Sylvia Long’s An Egg is Quiet and Lois Ehlert’s Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.

Our Fall Festival on October 31st  was an extension of Fun Fridays, so named because we have Show and Share and other interactive games on Friday.  We made rice krispie treats with a variety of cereals and bobbed for apples.  Our students who stayed after naptime made lollipop spiders.

As well as calendar, group math and our weather tally, every morning we ask the students how they’re doing.  This is part of our emphasis on building good listening skills, manners and emotional intelligence; all skills we enjoy our students having, but also one of the primary expectations when they enter kindergarten.


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