Acting Up Week

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acting weekImprovisation was the theme of our Acting Up Week in Children’s House #2.  Each morning in circle time, we worked with a set of acting cards and increased the complexity of our improvisation each day.  One set of cards  was comprised of adjectives : serious, happy, sad, mad, excited, relaxed, shy, brave, silly and scary.  The second set was comprised of nouns: teacher, grandma, dog, shark, monkey, clown, baby, dad, rabbit and superhero.  The first day each student performed either an adjective or a noun.  The second day each student performed both. The third day we combined the sets so you could be a “scary rabbit” or a “brave superhero.” The fourth day we worked in pairs. By the fifth day, character development naturally occurred and the “excited grandma” hugged the “sad clown” and the clown became excited and happy too.   To say we laughed a lot is an understatement. We also learned about parts of speech, practiced emotional intelligence and of course, learned to do improv.  This activity also turned out to be great for our students who are shy about public speaking, because the majority of the improvs instinctively used body language and some sounds, but not language.

We welcomed our new teaching assistant, Miss Maddy this week.  She brought a bag of library books on acting and also a new stencil and patterning work for us to share.  We had a long craft time taking turns with the imprints and making many clever works of art together and individually.  The weather was forgiving all week and we had snack outside every morning and also played outside after lunch.  sad shark

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