Asia, Australia, Antarctica

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Continuing with our continents curriculum, we studied Asia, Australia and Antarctica this week.  In each lesson we went over the concepts of continent, maps, countries and directions.  We explored each continent by learning what land masses, waters, populations and animals live in different areas. For instance we learned that many people live in the warm areas of South Asia, but few people live in the cold areas of North Asia or Siberia.  We learned people live near the coasts in east and west Australia and not very many live in the central deserts.  We learned that in Asian deserts, big sand cats digs for their prey, but in Asian forests leopards climb trees for their prey.  And of course, we talked a lot about penguins and their heights during our Antarctica class. Some of our students have family or were born in Asia. Other students remind us often that they were born in California. The rest of our week was dedicated to assessments and parent/teacher conferences.  We played outside in the mornings and after lunch.  This was the third and final week that Miss Sharon worked with our students on a medley of songs; Oh What a Beautiful Morning,  Zippity-Doo-Dah and Sing a Song. After the weeks of practicing, the medley sounded wonderful because our students learned to modulate tone and tempo. Ask  them to sing for you, we bet they will!

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