Back in Time

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phone (2)Things are not the way they used to be and this week our students learned all about it.  Each day we introduced an archaic technology from electric typewriters to dial telephones to yarn swifts. Our children found  these objects as novel as our ancestors did when they were first introduced.  During Monday’s circle time we talked about life before electricity.   We learned about wash boards, clotheslines and Appalachian style cold houses.  We all had a good laugh over how two hundred years ago a person from Massachusetts had to persuade people in New Orleans that they wanted to purchase the ice he shipped there and put it in their drinks.  Sometimes novelty not necessity is the mother of invention.  During our other circle times we read A Street Through Time: a 12,000 Year Walk Through History,  a picture book portraying a settlement on a river in England during different eras. Because of BC and AD timelines, we drew a number line showing negative and positive numbers. Wednesday the whole school tie-dyed shirts and on Fun Friday we wore our shirts and partied all day long with Children’s House 1.

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