Bubble Solution (September 1st – September 5th)

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This week our students learned about the alphabet “b” and its phonic sound. They tried to write “b” on sand and they were excited to know about some words like bubble, banana, bat, boy, bumble bee, ball, block, etc. as they all begin with “b”. We sang ‘Bumble Bee’ and ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’ song. They learned about the color black as it starts with alphabet “b” too. We read a storybook “I’m a Bunny”. At the end of this week, our kids were asked some questions like what’s the bunny’s name, and what he prefers to do in summer, fall, winter, and spring. And we were so surprised to get all the correct answers from them. The most exciting part of this week was bubble solution making. All of our kids participated in mixing water, glycerin and dish-washing liquid. We had lots of fun with bubbles in the playground.

Our goal: Our goal was to improve their fine motor and sensorial skill while tracing the alphabet “b”.

Next week we will be working with the alphabet “c”.

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