Continents and Cupcakes

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As summer approaches, Children’s House Two makes many transitions. New friends from Children’s House One move up to our class, some old friends move on with their families and summer plans and all of us prepare for our exciting summer camp themes.  We have graduations, good-byes, birthdays and many days of outside play.  This week we learned about South America and Europe as we journey through several weeks of a continent themed curriculum. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with music, pastries and a little Spanish language education.  Friends also brought many things to share from their gardens this week.  Fun Friday was Miss Hayley’s birthday and Teacher Appreciation Week. Thanks so much to all the parents for making us both feel special and to all our students for dressing up as heroes, villains, princesses, “Miss Hayley” and “Happy”.  We also learned to play London Bridge much to the delight of the children and the surprise of the teachers.   Old favorites are favorites for a reason.  Don’t forget water bottles and to send in bug spray and sun block as we move toward the summer season.

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