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Last week our Wednesday afterrnoon students finished our dragons. Check out our Facebook for more pictures and pictures from Kiran’s birthday.We introduced several new language works and a number estimation work.  We are also working with metal insets, tracing a geometric shape and free drawing lines inside it. This work is great for fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and prewriting skills. In our notebooks, we’ve all been working on writing lower case letters. Some of our older students are perfecting the forms, while our younger students are working on spacing.  With the success of counting hearts by 5s, we’re moving on to counting shamrocks by 2s. We’re  looking forward to Parent Education night this Wednesday as our students prepared something special for their parents.  Finding creative things to do on inclement weather days has lead to lots of story telling, charades and body patterning games, but we’re all excited about  a snow free week.  

See you all on Wednesday evening !

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