Earth Day (April 14th – April 25th)

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This week children house#1 kids learned the alphabet “w” along with its phonic sound. They also traced the alphabet “w” on sand paper letter. They learned some words like walk, watermelon, whale, white, wig, weak, Wednesday, Winter, wash, wonderful, as these words start with the letter “w”.

Watermelon Basket

Watermelon Basket

We cut the watermelon in our classroom and our kids felt the difference between the inner and outer part of this fruit. They also observed the difference in color between the inside and outside of the watermelon. They also looked at watermelon seeds. Then, together all of us made watermelon juice and we enjoyed it a (43)

We celebrated Earth Day in CH#1. Our kids planted some bean seeds and they grew into beautiful bean plants.               Children House#1 kids learned how to save our lovely planet, “Earth”. For example, planting, recycling, and reusing.

Next week, we will be working with the alphabet “x”.

Our goal: This week our goal was to give them the opportunity to observe how does a seed grow into a seedling.


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