End Of Summer Food Fun

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This week marked the end of our summer themes as the new school year starts next week.  The theme this week was MACH Top Chef, so everything we did this week was related to food and cooking!  We read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The toddlers did several art projects including making pizzas out of construction paper, painting chocolate chips on a construction paper cookie, painting macaroni noodles for necklaces, making spaghetti and meatballs out of yarn and pom pom balls, and they even painted their own chef aprons!  We also did lots of cooking this week.  The toddlers made mashed potatoes and pizza.  And they got to get messy playing with whipped cream.  And on Friday the toddler class made a Candy Cookie Pie that won the MACH Top Chef competition!  The toddlers enjoyed their last Splash Day of the summer.  Our friend William celebrated his birthday with us this week!  We also said goodbye to Ms. Natasha and we all wish her the best of luck with her sophomore year of college!  We also welcomed our new teacher Ms. Mandy to our class!  Wow!  What a busy week!  And a great way to end the summer!  The toddlers are all looking forward to a brand new school year.


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