End of Summer

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In Children’s House #2 the end of summer invariably means farewells as our kindergarten bound students leave for new horizons. Their last request was a second visit from the puppets who appeared during P Week, so we arranged for the puppeteer to return.  Friends who had taken vacations also returned for visits.  It was an incredibly full week as we joined the rest of the school in the Iron Chef summer theme. Our class made kool aid popsicles and chose our favorite flavors.  Our students brought muffin fillings from home: dried cherries, fresh blueberries, chocolate chips, craisins and apples.  We baked a few of each and then the children guessed the type of muffin by the taste.  On Friday we competed in the cookie bake-0ff with sugar cookies with sprinkles. Children’s House #1 joined us for an enormous end of the year dance party.  We had so much fun and learned so many things during our summer themes, but we’re all ready for a change of pace and welcoming new friends to our classroom for our new school year.

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