February 16th – February 27th

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We enjoyed a lot of snow and we faced some difficulties due to extreme weather conditions. Third week of February we worked with alphabet “q” along with its phonic sound. They learned some words like quack, quilt, queen, quail, quesadilla, etc. as these words start with “q”. We made quail and we had yummy quesadillas for snack. Last week of February we worked with “r” along with its phonic sound. We learned some words like rooster, rabbit, rainbow, right, ripe, rice, rectangle, raspberry, rain, rug, etc. as they start with the letter “r”. They learned the different colors of rainbow and when we usually notice rainbows. Our kids also talked about rainy day and clothes required on a rainy day. We read a storybook “Our little Rabbit”. They also colored the picture of rabbit and rooster. Children House#1 paid attention in folding their rugs properly this week. We had a party with rice. As we had a small week due to snow, we will continue to work with “r” along with “s” next week.

IMG_1394IMG_1444Look at the picture: Elijah is enjoying her rice.

Our goal: Our goal was to give them scientific knowledge about rainbow.

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