Friday- February 22, 2013

| February 22, 2013

Today we showed a new president themed work. The 44 presidents are listed in order with their names and pictures next to their number each on a different card. The children must put the cards in order from Washington to Obama. An extension to this work is that the children use the golden bead materials to make the number of their favorite president or presidents. We also had show and share today. One friend brought in some money so we took the time to look at the money and the presidents on the money and compare them to our cards! Teachable moment there, couldn’t have been better if we had planned it.

Today was one of our friend’s birthdays! Happy Birthday to that friend! We had a “Sun Ceremony” (the typical Montessori birthday celebration) where we lay out the rays of the sun and the birthday child walks around the sun with the earth for each year old they are. After lunch we had the treats that that friend brought for us and they cupcakes and yogurt pretzels were delicious! Thank you!

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