January 12th – 16th

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This week our kids learned the alphabet “l” along with some words like lamp, love, laugh, list, like, lemon, lime, lamb, etc. Our kids traced the alphabet on sand paper letter. Children House#1 kids had fun making their own lamps using their hand-print of different colors. They also had a lot of fun while making lemonade by squeezing lemons and learned the different ingredients required to make a lemonade. Our kids also read a story book “Little Frog’s tadpole”. We also reviewed no.s 1-10.

We celebrated Taiki’s birthday this week.

Our goal: Our goal was to improve their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skill through our practical life activity.













Look at the pictures: Eliza is busy making lamp with her hand-print. Amelia is squeezing lemon





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