January 27 – January 31 Lesson Plan for CH#1

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This week we had worked with the alphabet “m” along with its phonic sound.

Happy Birthday BarrettWe learned some words like melon, mushroom, mango, mom, monkey, as these words start with the letter “m”.  Our children colored the picture of a mango and monkey. We are very impressed with their coloring skill. We also have tasting activity with mango and melon. Our kids were identifying mango and melon by tasting, instead of seeing. That experience was really awesome! We also worked with number “6” in this week.


We celebrated Barrett’s birthday on Friday. Look at the picture: Barrett is very happy with his cupcake and mom. We are very sad to say goodbye to Isen, as he is moving to Children House#2 but at the same time we are very happy with his progress in Children House#1.

In the coming week we will be working with the alphabet “n” and of course we will have some activities on this alphabet.

Our goal: This week our goal was to make them understand the difference in taste between two fruits.

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