January 3 – January 7 Lesson Plan for CH#1

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This week we worked with the alphabet “n” along with its phonic sound.

Blog pictureWe learned some words like nose, neck, night, napkin, nap as these words start with the letter “n”. We traced the alphabet “n” on the sand paper. We made a night sky on the alphabet “n”.  We also talked about the night sky. We learned that we find moon and stars in the night sky instead of sun. We also learned that we get moonlight in nigh-time instead of sunlight.

We celebrated Jonah’s birthday in this week. Look at this picture: Jonah is very happy with his birthday cupcake.

This week we will be working with special craft work for Valentine’s day.

Our goal: This week our goal was to make them learn the difference between day and night.

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