January 5th – January 9th

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This week our kids learned the alphabet “k” along with the phonic sound. They also traced the alphabet on sand paper letter. Our kids learned some words like kangaroo, kite, karate, as these words start with alphabet “k”. We glued beans on alphabet “k” and we also learned some important facts on kangaroo like kangaroo cannot walk normally because of its long feet, new born kangaroo babies are as small as lima beans, they have special pouch where they can carry their babies. Our kids learned how to hop like a kangaroo. That was really funny! We also colored the picture of a kangaroo.

We welcome Avery, Harrison, Wesley, and Elsa who graduated from Toddler Classroom. We celebrated Kaitlyn’s birthday this week.

Our goal: This week our goal was to improve their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination skills while working with our art project.

Look at the picture: Eliza is busy with her art work. Kaitlyn is enjoying her birthday cupcake. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!IMG_1151IMG_1149

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