January 6 – January 10 Lesson Plan for CH#1

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This week Children House#1 kids learned the alphabet “j” along with its phonic sound. They had learned some words like jam, jellyfish,      jug, jump, as these words start with the letter “j”.


Our children made jellyfish with paper cup and colored tissue paper. They were also very excited to jump inside the classroom. Our practical life activity “juice making” was a great success.    Our sweet children were proud of themselves as they made juice for themselves.

Julia and Lily   Lily and Julia are very busy in peeling oranges as they are going to use it for making juice. And Henry is very proud of his jellyfish. We also learned about Winter season this week.

In the coming week, we are going to work with the alphabet “k”. We will have coloring pages related to this alphabet and some special craft.


Our goal: This week our goal was to make our kids proud of themselves.

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