Keep On Rolling

| July 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

leaHave you ever thought about how many things have wheels?  We didn’t even get to them all and saved a few for Back In Time next week.  We learned the history of cars.  We had both an electric train set and a wooden model of a covered wagon in our classroom.  We made a parking garage and counting game with matchbox cars and a cardboard box.  With two more cardboard boxes we built a red train and a black race car.  That project lasted several days during our morning snack and after nap  outside times.  On Wednesday, we read all about trains worldwide and our students told us all about the trains on which they’ve traveled including the speed train from London to Paris. We painted with cars and observed how primary colors make secondary colors. Purple was a real hit.  Each car or steamroller also creted a pattern with a different texture than the others.  A new Montessori work with gears was added to our shelves. Our students still enjoyed working with our new geometric works and the large floor puzzles as well.  Not to mention constantly constructing paper airplanes.

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