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IMG_2050 It’s Friday morning and we have 20 stars on our 100 kindnesses chart. We’re also hanging hearts on a line with the acts of  kindnesses written on them and giving little heart stamps on students’ hands. Everyone received a heart when they completed our family kindness activity this week and we hope you enjoy the results. In the classroom, we’re looking for deliberate acts of kindness like helping a younger friend with a puzzle or cleaning up tables after lunchtime. To share an act of kindness that your child commits at home, you can leave a note in our kindness box on the shelf in the hallway. We share them every day during circle time.  So far, we’ve noticed our students with little brothers and sisters are getting a jump on their classmates, so remember this is a chance to encourage our children to be kind to grown-ups , too.

Also this week, we’re focusing on working independently.  We’ve introduced more advanced math and language works and worksheets, so it’s exciting to see our students concentrating on new tasks and learning.

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