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M Week was incredibly busy for a short week.  Tuesday we played a sight word game delivering mail to mailboxes for moon, mouse, mountain, mushroom, monster and monkey.  Our students are becoming adept at following instructions and moving around the classroom mindfully.  And when we emptied the mailboxes the majority of the deliveries were correct.  Let’s hear it for word recognition and spatial relations!

Wednesday we did writing in the morning and math before lunch.  Our students traced the letter M on the sandpaper board and then wrote the letter on their white boards.  Money was the math word of the week.  Measurement was Thursday’s science lesson. Thanks to Lily’s parents for bringing measuring cups and spoons. While our students are mostly familiar with measurements for cooking and baking, measurement is  instrumental in science laboratories.  Both the math and science lessons also introduced the basic concepts of fractions.

Fun Friday started with free dancing and the macarena.  Masks were the craft for the day.  The students talked about the difference between scary and happy while they worked. We all enjoyed the warm weather this week.

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