March Madness

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Along with everybody else in North Carolina, here we are experiencing March Madness – but in this case we are talking about the weather, not basketball season :) This past week has been a mixture of both warm days and cold, but to celebrate the arrival of spring, we have keeping our little ones busy with more spring related activities. This week we brought out our inner artist with watercolors by painting coffee filters and turning them into beautiful butterflies, and also made bird feeders! By mixing four ingredients together (bird seed, corn syrup, flour, and water), the kids were able to pack the mixture into cookie shapes that they picked out themselves. The children’s excitement was apparent when partaking in the hands-on activity, and when they see birds eating their creations, I’m sure they will be even more enthusiastic.


march madness


Once a week, Ms. Sharon comes to our classroom and leads a music lesson during circle time. Each theme of the lesson coincides with something we have been learning about, and during this week, we had a leprechaun visit our classroom along with a St. Patricks Day song! The book, “Old Mikamba Had a Farm”, the fabulous version of the classic nursery,  introduces children to a collection of African animals and their sounds; we all had a ball having such a silly time reenacting so many different animal noises!




The kiddies had so much fun getting on their painting gear and independently creating their own designs. Montessori is a program that strongly fosters the importance of independence in children, and by allowing for children to be creative in their own way, they are given the gift of confidence by expressing themselves through different outlets.

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Here, James joins us on the carpet in our Montessori work cycles. By learning to scoop beans from one bowl to the next, he is able to pick up a practical skill while also practicing hand-eye coordination.


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