May 22, 2014

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As Spring has progressed in Children’s House 2#, we’ve been working hard on letters and numbers, but also greatly enjoying the consistent weather and more time outside again.  Besides the exercise of running and playing, outside time is our free play time and free play is vital to socialization.

In the classroom, we’ve introduced the more advanced Montessori works. The letter boxes are particularly popular; the boxes contain small toy objects and the children match the object to the letter that begins its name.  Most of our students are doing individualized work in their notebooks, as we’ve used previous work to identify where they can improve.  Miss Brittany has begun assessments and it’s exciting to see the progressions of the school year.  Independently, many of the children are making their own collaged books from art work and writing that they’ve completed during work cycles.

The teachers all enjoyed Teacher Appreciation week and feel very appreciated.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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