O Week

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puzzle game

Gyuri and Emily create a matching game with a word puzzle.


O Week was not an ordinary week in Children’s House 2.  Tuesday we celebrated Burn’s birthday and visited the Toddler Room for a craft activity.  Our preschoolers helped the toddlers make light catchers for their windows and door, which you can see in the mornings during drop off time.  We also received a crystal growing kit and watched our red crystals turn from nubs into miniature stalagmites by the end of the week.

During work cycle,  our class alternates between table and rug works. On the rugs, our children often work together  with the engineering work or picture puzzles, but this week we saw an increase of creative collaborations with word puzzles and math works.   On Wednesday, we did math worksheets and the students who completed them quickly and correctly helped the other students.  Monday we made Pronoun Octopus to familiarize  our students with the sight words: I, you, we, she, he, they, them and it .  All crafts involve fine motor skills, but this one also required following directions in sequence.  To learn the sight and sound of O, we practiced not only words that begin with O but also rhyming words like dog and frog with O in the middle.  Thursday Miss Hayley taught a class on Oxygen and Miss Maria lead a sensory awareness breathing game.  For our Fun Friday craft we made octopi and other aquatic animals out of geometric shapes.

We’re really enjoying the sunshine, but please remember it’s still cold outside and children need warm winter layers especially in the afternoon.

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