October 11-15

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IMG_1674  Our Fall leaves pin punching work is popular this week. Pin punching a shape is a prewriting activity. It also develops hand and coordination, fine motor skills and concentration.  It takes a long time to make all the little holes to create a perforated edge and the children love to watch the teachers remove the leaf shape from the paper.  When they’re done, we add the leaves to our classroom tree (look behind the door).  We also added a collage work with tracing forms and two matching and sorting boxes of primary and secondary colors.

In music this week we learned the Ella Fitzgerald song, A Tisket A Tasket. During afternoon art time, we learned how to use watercolors.  Miss Brittany finished reading The Fantastic Mr. Fox  and began folk tales from Look Back and See.  Elephant and Piggy books continue to be a favorite during independent reading time.

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