Older Children Helping Younger Children

| February 5, 2015 | 0 Comments

This week our Children’s House 2 classroom and our Toddler Classroom had a joint activity. The children worked together to make beautiful “stained glass” window pictures with paper, plastic wrap and torn pieces of crepe paper. Having younger and older children work together on projects and activities is always encouraged in a Montessori classroom. In our group activity older children were paired one on one with a younger child. The result was a surprisingly enhanced learning experience. Older children are more sensitive to the degree of help that the younger child needs and will intuitively respect all children’s need not to be helped unnecessarily. Each child gains confidence in themselves and their ability to learn and help which in turn leads to a greater sense of responsibility. Zoe and BryerCH 2 Help Toddlers

Stained Glass Group Project


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