Parrot as the Talking Bird (February 24 – February 28)

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This week children house#1 kids worked with the alphabet “p”. They learned words like parrot, peach, plum, parents, paint, pig, police officer, pine,play, popcorn, pizza, porcupine, pineapple, puppy as these words start with the letter “p”. They also traced the letter on sand paper letter.

SelenaOur kids made beautiful pictures with yarn. Look at this picture: Selena is proud of her parrot. Our children colored the picture of a pig and police officer. We also talked about how a policeman helps our community. We read the story book “Papa and me” as papa starts with the letter “p”. We also worked on the difference between p, b, and d.

Next week we will be working with the alphabet “q”.

Our goal: This week our goal was to clear the difference between the letters p, b, and d, and also to improve their sensorial skill while working with the art project.


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