R Week

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snowdayR Week was all about Snow.  Luckily we found a book called Round Robin about a robin who forgets to migrate and gets caught in the snow.  Otherwise we plowed through as much of  a regular week as possible.  Some days we did Montessori work cycles and indoor play with the other classes. Other days we stayed in our room and focused on our kindergarten preparations: writing the letter R with our sandpaper letters, sand tray and white board and learning simple R words. Miss Sharon came for music time and taught us winter songs.  Fun Friday we had Show and Share for Everyone who made it to school.

Burn won an award from the Art in Schools group that visits our classroom yearly.  Miss Hayley was able to make it to the ArtsCenter for his art show.  We remember Burn taking his time and giving lots of attention to his painting; he was the last to finish and it was exciting to see that acknowledged. One of our students has placed in the show the last three years. burn and art

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