Rainbow Week (March 10th – March 14th)

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This week we worked with the alphabet “r” along with its phonic sound. Our kids learned some words like rabbit, rose, run, road, rock, ride, rainbow, rain, as these words start with the letter “r”. March 10-14 blog picWe colored the picture of a rabbit and road. We learned about the different colors in a rainbow. We request all the parents that if you get an opportunity to see the rainbow, then take your child and show them the different colors. Our kids also learned about the kinds of clothes we wear on rainy days.

Look at this picture: Barrett is working hard with the alphabet puzzle.

Next week we will be working with the alphabet “s” along with its phonic sound and the special activity for St. Patrick’s Day.

Our goal: This week our goal was to give them some knowledge about rainbow.

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