September 8th – September 19th

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September 8th – 12th: We learned the alphabet “c” along with words like carry, candy, clown, cupcake, catfish, cow, cane, color, etc. They traced it on sand paper letter and learned its phonic sound. Our kids read a story book “C is for Clown” by Dr. Seuss, as “clown” begins with the letter “c”.  We had “cupcake decorating” activity. Our kids enjoyed and mulched on their delicious cupcakes.

photo (11)

photo (12)


Look at the picture: Jonah is concentrating on writing “C” on the sand. Kenna and Amelia are busy decorating their cupcakes.









September 15th – 19th: Children House#1 kids wrote the alphabet “d” using sand. They learned some words like dog, duck, dragonfly, doll, dust, day, daddy, etc. We read a storybook “Five little Ducks” as “ducks” starts with alphabet “d”. They learned about what does a duck say – “quack, quack”. They colored the picture of a dog and dragonfly.

Our goal: Our goal was to improve their eye-hand coordination while working with the practical life activity (cupcake decorating). We also paid attention to improve their fine motor skills while coloring (coloring of a dog and dragonfly).

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