Shapes in Nature

| June 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

leaf shapesFor Shapes in Nature week, we read three books: Jane Yolen’s Shapes Me a Rhyme, Betsy Franco’s bees, snails and peacock tails and Joyce Sidman’s Swirl by Swirl.  All week during reading time, our students looked at the pictures and prepared for our special group collages that now hang on our wall.  We brought out the Montessori leaf works again and made leaf pin punches.  Seashells, sand dollars and scallop shells were shared as examples of objects in our picture books.  We revisited all the two and three dimensional shapes we studied this year and thought of natural objects with similar shapes from bee hives to planets. The popularity of the tangram works increased exponentially  as did the geometric stencils during art time.  We continued to look at our bug books and field guides and talk about the shapes they make.

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