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lucius rocketOn Friday when we asked our students what their Memorial Day plans were, half of them said they were going to look for constellations.  Each day this week, we learned about a different aspect of space.  We introduced a new Montessori work of the solar system cards and a guide that helps students put the planets in order.  The toddlers lent us their model solar system for display.  We read many parts of our National Geographic  book on space and Gail Gibbon’s book about star gazing. We made our own constellations with cut out stars.  Some of our constellations included bunny, Batman, Mommy and Durham Bull’s car.  You can see them all hanging in our classroom.  We learned the differences in meteors, comets and asteroids and how to become an astronaut and what they do.  Finally we answered all the students’ questions about aliens and spaceships with a definitive “sometimes in movies and books we imagine what aliens could be”.  Then we made our own spaceships starting with the shapes; rectangle, triangle, circle and oval.

Coming down to earth, we read I Like Myself and by request, learned how to play Duck, Duck Goose.  Once the children learned the basic rules, they did a wonderful job of organizing themselves.making constellations We are pet sitting a classmate’s beta fish during their family vacation this month.


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