Spring is in the air.

| April 8, 2013

We think spring is here to stay!   We have been talking about the weather nearly every day.  Everyone is ready for the warm weather.   Ask your young student what they think the temperature is; you might be surprised how close they get!

This week we read a book call “Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon” by Patty Lovell.  Then we talked about being proud of who you are no matter what people say!


“Leave it to Molly to transform all her ‘faults’ into marvelous talents.. . . #Catrow’s# pictures fill the pages with wild perspectives, goofy-looking kids, and hilarious details. . . . Leaves readers with the feeling that anything can be accomplished if you are the best person you can be and make the most of your gifts.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Stand Tall!


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