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turtlesAsk us about our Tyrannosaurus Rex t-shirts ! We didn’t make them in class, but we had at least one for every day of T week.

During T week we read a long book about turtles in small sections.  We reviewed plenty of our science concepts like cold-blooded and warm-blooded and words like herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.  On Fun Friday we made a turtle craft. Given all the same shapes and supplies it’s fascinating the different patterns each child makes.

Our science lesson this week was Tension. Miss Hayley reminded our students about our pulleys and conducted several surface tensions experiments. After witnessing a demonstration in a big bowl, each student had their own cup of water and added pepper and then dish soap.  The dish soaps spreads the pepper to the rim of the container.  Sounds simple but watching the pepper disperse instantly was as exciting as a magic trick.  During mathematics we learned about Triangles and Trapezoids. Students made the shapes of different kinds of triangles and a trapezoid by lying on the carpet.  Reading and writing days we practiced T on our white boards and  played a spelling game with the words, tank, tiger, train and of course T-Rex.  Lots of common words like tree and truck begin with T, but one of the most important is Thanks. We practiced “Yes. Thank you.” and “No. Thank You.”  Even though we’re finished with S week, the space and sky books are still popular and spark lots of conversation and questions.  Color sorting and color matching are among the most used Montessori works this week along with the fraction works.

With our small dose of  almost Spring weather we spent lots of time on the playgrounds including a few early morning runs. Once the weather is consistently warmer, we’ll have outside snack again. Our class did such a good job of being good citizens this week that Miss Hayley wore her Tiara on Fun Friday and we had an extra long dance party since it was chillier outside.



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