Taking Montessori Out of the Classroom

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A Montessori education encompasses the mind, spirit, heart and body.  In the Montessori classroom, each member contributes to the smooth functioning of the classroom according to their age and abilities, much the same as in a family. Independence is nurtured by giving each member the tools and resources to do things for themselves and not be totally dependent on others. This independence and decision making is presented in a structured way and can be carried on in the family home.

A Montessori classroom is set up in such a way as to foster independence and decision making skills. This idea can be taken into home life by organizing the home in such a way as to make things accessible to the child. Drawers and shelves that are near the floor level can be stocked with dishes, cups and silverware so the children can set their own place at the table. Art supplies, papers and crayons all can be placed in reach. If  children can reach their own clothes they can practice getting dressed themselves, and of course this also encourages them to put things away and clean up after themselves. Though these things may seem impossible to implement in the home, if started early and constantly reinforced, children will learn, become independent and make good decisions. Parents must be willing role models, and only then will they have success.  children's thingshttp://montessoriacademychapelhill.com

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