Tap tap tap your feet (March 24th – March 28th)

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This week we learned the alphabet “t” along with its phonic sound. We also traced the letter on sand paper letter. Our kids  learned some words like tap, tulip, top, turtle, tortoise, ten, Tuesday, tan, as these words start with the letter “t”.  Tulip

Tap tap tap your feetChildren House#1 kids made tulips with hand-prints. We practiced tapping in our music class with the song “tap tap tap your feet”.

Look at the picture: Oliver was tapping his feet. Our kids also     learned about some table manners. For instance:                         1) Do not eat until everyone has been served.                                   2) Do not spit out food on the table.                                                     3)  Do not walk around the table if anyone is still eating.           4) Do not say “yucky food”; instead, you can say “I don’t like this food”.                                                                                                           5) Do not make noises with utensils like spoon, fork, plates, etc.

They are practicing these manners at school everyday. We also request all parents to follow these manners at home too.

Next week we will work with the alphabet “u”.

Our goal: This week our goal was to make them learn about some social manners.

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