The New Year Continues

| January 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

IMG_2030IMG_2025Since we’ve started the New Year, we’ve been hard at work with lots of new activities for the winter months. Starting on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and running through Valentine’s Day, we’ll be joining classrooms around the country in 100 Acts of Kindness.  Please check your email for a message on how to participate at home. Soon after it will be our 100 day celebration.  Miss Brittany has been making play dough beads and is all the way to 100 already.  The Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Miss Sharon is teaching a new year’s song in Mandarin during music time.  Our afternoon students started making  paper roll dragons.

With President’s Day coming up,  Miss Brittany brought out a sorting and counting work she made with pictures of all the presidents.  For our new probability graphing working, the students chart how many heads and how many tails they get flipping a Lincoln penny.  This is good for fine motor skills and a great  lesson in decision making as well (smile). We also introduced a color gradation matching work, another clever construction from Miss Brittany.  On rainy and unusually cold days, we’ve played lots of indoor movement games and even did a little afternoon yoga.  In circle time, we’re asking lots of what if questions;  such as “what if you woke up and there was no electrictity?”.  This is a fun and insightful game to play at home as well. And of course, we’re all excited when we get outdoor time, so keep sending coats and gloves.

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