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The month of September has been a month of great strides in our room.   Nearly all of us can sign MORE and ALL DONE.  We are learning something new everyday from counting from 1-10 in English and Spanish to introducing the signs (more, all done, please, thank you and clean).  On top of learning to say our colors and and numbers we have begun learning to read!  WHAT my toddler can read??? YES we are learning to read by sight the words DOG, CAT and BALL!  Will they be able to read Shakespeare in the next few months or years probably not but we are starting a journey that will take them through life.   I am a big believer that every child has the potential to learn languages and reading even as early as 1 year of age.  As they progress through the years at MACH the beginning they receive here in the toddler room will be built on through out their lives.   We are so proud of our class!  more  Would you like to read more about how toddlers learn to read click HERE.  REMEMBER Babies are Linguistic Geniuses!



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