Tuesday- February 12, 2013

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Today we worked on our Valentine’s Day mailboxes. All of our friends finished their boxes and they look great! Everyone is very excited for Valentine’s Day and ready to exchange valentines!

Today we listened to Jump, frog, jump! by Robert Kalan and read by Peter Fernandez. It’s very important for children to hear different types of voices, accents and tones throughout their lives. We have also started playing a new “game” before we go outside. Usually we go around and everyone guesses what they think the temperature is, now we play “higher or lower.” Our first friend guesses a temperature and the teacher tells the next student whether the actual temperature is higher or lower. We continue on until our friends have narrowed it down to the actual temperature! They are getting pretty good at this game and it’s a great way to work on which numbers are bigger or smaller than others.

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