U Week

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Ask your child what an ungulate is!  During U week we named as many ungulates as we could think of every day and learned about underground animals and why they live underground on science day. We talked about insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals and of course, whether they are omnivores, herbivores or carnivores.  Then we built a burrow and burrowed our way to lunch.  For reading this week, we played a game with the words Up and Under.  Some of the hints like “does an airplane go up or under?” were easy. Other like “does a burrowing owl go up or under?” were not.  We also did an up and under movement exercise that we repeated on other days. On writing day, we practiced U with the white boards.  Many of our friends worked on their 1-100 number chart during work cycle as well.  Spelling and writing are becoming more and more exciting to our older students.  On math day, we split our class; Miss Hayley reviewed simple addition and Miss Maria worked with students learning two and three digit addition. As we do more complicated work during instruction time, students ask for  similar work during work cycle. Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day and Miss Pam brought in Irish music and one of her family’s favorite books, Cinderlad. Our class was rapt and attentive with this fantasy tale of dragons.  On Friday we decorated another phantasmagorical beast, the unicorn.

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