V Week

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velociracicesDuring V week, we learned about velociraptors, a small fast dinosaur that hunted in packs. We also learned that the word raptor means predator and is also applied to birds.  For our science lesson, we used a paper airplane to demonstrate velocity and then we had velociraces.  We incorporated a somewhat advanced language arts lesson as our students learned how complex words can be made of other words and have a meaning such as “fast predator”.

Last week, a few of our students worked on their 1-100 chart, so this week even more students wanted to try it.  Montessori math works that involve simple counting of objects and tens beads are in abundant use.  We learned a variety of V words and practiced writing V in the sand tray.  Differentiating the straight line of the V from the curve of the U is a skill  that can take plenty of tries, but we all mastered it.

Monday we read the classic Velveteen Rabbit.  On Fun Friday we made egg carton volcanoes.

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