Week Five: First Day of Fall

| October 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

leafaiting With the falling of pine cones and the autumnal equinox comes the fall nature crafts.  We collected and painted pine cones last week. This week we made autumn leaves using a resist method, painting and blotting for texture. Our Montessori leaf works include opportunities for prewriting activities and identifying sets in math.  Since we’ve moved from ten into the teens, we introduced the teens board this week.

One of our international families inquired about our custom of doing Show and Share on Fridays and what it contributes to our classroom.  Of course, children like to show off things they enjoy as we all do, but Show and Share also helps them build several important social and language skills.  They practice listening to each other and taking turns.  They learn to ask other people questions on a specific subject and they learn the difference between a statement and a question.  They also practice public speaking and if they can become comfortable with that, then they can avoid one of the primary anxieties experienced by adults.

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