Week Four: Getting to Ten

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photo-2 (2) We reached Number 10 in our daily count and made our first 10 bundle. A 10 bundle is a group of ten sticks held together with a rubber band and placed in the 10s place on our number chart.  Single sticks belong in the ones place.  When we make our first 100 bundle, we have a party.  We put out two new puzzles that involve counting to ten.  By request last Friday, we showed the students the most basic use of the counting rods as well.  Many of our Montessori works such as the knobless cylinders are sets of ten. So even when the students are working with height and dimension, they are also beginning to organize in sets of ten.

A new letter identification activitiy was added to our daily lunch routine. Before our students get in line to wash their hands, they sit in circle and take turns identifying letters from the alphabet.  As the year progresses, we layer more little activities like this to our daily routine.  Working a group gives students a chance to learn from each other as well as from the teachers.  Friday we played a guessing game for Show and Share.  This was fun and a great success, so we’ll try it again later in the year.


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