Week H

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group h

Week H was quiet.  With no birthdays or other excitement, we had long work cycles and introduced new ways to work with our pink tower, brown tower and knobless cylinders.  We’re learning new songs for Thanksgiving with Miss Sharon and practicing every day with Miss Hayley.

During  group instruction time, we worked with another cooperative word matching game, used counting sticks for math and practiced writing H.  Our science word was Hibernation.  We  learned the difference between “true hibernators” and “light sleepers”, how climate effects “light sleepers” and revisited body temperature, which we covered during F and Freeze.  We listened to spring peeper sounds and guessed what made them.  To cap it off we played a rhyming identification games.

Fun Friday was a pajama day in honor of hibernation. We spent the day doing crafts and an extra long show and share, since we skipped a few weeks due to birthday celebrations.

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