Week I

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joanhFinding words that begin in I can be tricky for preschoolers who do not give much thought to isotopes and ideologies.  While making our word board for the week, our students came up with several different versions of ice: ice cube, ice cap, ice cream and icicle.  On Monday, we played  games looking for the letter in our names and common words.  Tuesday we practiced writing on our dry erase lined boards and in sand.  Wednesday we learned about the inch.  Using a tape measure, we took the length and width of several of our works and then made a graph.  Illusion was the science word for the week.  Miss Hayley taught a class on visual perception with a prism and pictures of optical illusions on paper and computer.

During music time, Miss Sharon introduced bells.  Miss Hayley read the ubiquitous Elf on a Shelf book and our students, using a combined process of consensus and voting, named our elf  Lusah. Our buckling, zipping, lacing, buttoning and tying work moved to a central location in our room. If practice makes perfect soon we’ll be donning all our winter layers independently.

Assessments began this week for parent teacher conferences. Don’t forget to sign up on the bulletin board by the classroom door.


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