Week J

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For J week we learned about animals and plants in the jungle  or as we call it now the Amazon rainforest.  We made fingerprint spotted jaguars and  watercolor paintings of flowers.   We looked at pictures of a variety of flowers of  tiny and enormous size , learned about vanilla and cocoa flowers and beans and  talked about  layers in the forest from the treetops to the forest floor.  It’s always interesting day to day to see what different students remember. Some remember that a rainforest is defined by the amount of rain and others by its dense growth.  While making our letter J jaguars we also learned why spots are camouflage and the place of the apex predator in ecosystems: it eats everything and nothing eats it.

On math day we estimated jelly beans in a jar. Stay tuned for the results of our contest.  On reading day we  practiced word and picture association and collaged the letter J.  Fun Friday was Kanna’s birthday celebration and we painted coffee filters to make snowflakes.  Next week we’ll take a break from the alphabet for more crafts, lessons and celebrations before our Winter Break.



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