Week K with 2 Ks in Hanukkah

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k week

This Week we studied the letter K, working with word/picture association and making pipe cleaner letters. Wednesday was an exciting day.  Not only did we celebrate a birthday in the morning, but we also celebrated Hanukkah at lunch with Gavin and Otto’s parents visiting and teaching a lesson with a model Menorah and dreidel games.  Because dreidel games involve a symbol system and simple adding and subtracting, we counted it as our math for the week. We also had latkes as an appetizer for lunch!  Thursday we decorated paper kites and talked about wind, flight and velocity revisiting our lessons about the first flight on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  For Fun Friday, we had real kites for Show and Share and to “fly” or at least run around the playground. Miss Hayley taught a class on potential and kinetic energy. Our students excelled at identifying which was which in demonstrations with balls, blocks and classmates.  To cap off the day we read a pop up book called Kimono, thanks Miss Suzy for the loan.

Check out our Facebook for many pictures from our Hanukkah celebration and our craft making.



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