Week L

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blog gavingWith all the winter weather, we’re spending far more hours inside singing songs,  playing games and making art projects.  This week we also read The Extraordinary Egg. While we have a collection of books in the classroom, this season is the ideal time for students to share a book from home.

For L week, Miss Hayley created a game called Look, Listen, Laugh and Love.  A sign for each word was posted in a corner of the room, Miss Hayley  gave open ended sentences such as “I blank to music” and the students walked to the appropriate corner.  Some sentences had multiple answers: such as “I blank Miss Hayley and Miss Maria”.  No one chose laugh, which either means our students are very respectful or that our teachers are not very funny.  The students enjoyed the game and not only did they learn sight words, it was good practice in spatial relations, manners and following directions while still having fun.  We also wrote the letter L in our sand tray.  For math, we practiced counting to one hundred by ones and tens.

Thursday, we learned about leverage.  The classroom balancing scale was introduced as a work. Miss Hayley also used blocks to create different kinds of levers and launch macaroni.   Our vocabulary words were lever, fulcrum and pivot.

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